SCEN103 Computer Lab SCEN103 Class 8

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Publishing on the Web

Publishing Student Web Pages on the UD Server
Creating your homepage subdirectory
    Run Netscape Communicator and a Telnet session to copland.
    Stay at the UNIX prompt rather than entering pine (the e-mail reader)
    Cut and paste source /www/htdocs/learn/usered/html-setup into your telnet session.
    Cut and paste the output of the UNIX command into notepad and print the results for future use.

Personal homepage template
Edit the template page above and publish to your subdirectory as index.html
Cut and paste the long line
    from the UNIX command above as the location to publish to.
Make any modifications using the Netscape Composer that time permits.
Remember to click on reload to view changes you have published at your homepage.

SCEN103 HTML help page
A Brief Look at HTML

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