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More Internet Exercise

Log onto strauss from an X-terminal or other networked computer and run netscape.

Being Digital

Use any of the following search tools to find web pages related to the recent bestseller Being Digital, by Nicholas Negroponte, published by Knopf.

Search tools: Excite, Alta Vista, HotBot, Magellan, WebCrawler, Yahoo!, OpenText, Lycos, Infoseek - ultra,

Via e-mail to ghw@udel.edu, answer the following three questions, including the URL where the answer was found:

  1. How did Arthur C. Clarke describe "Being Digital?"
    "Being Digital" is an ________________ (one word).

  2. What did Negroponte study as a graduate student?

  3. Excerpt: Computing is not about computers any more.
    It is about ____________ (one word).
Also please comment on how you found the information
(search engines used, etc.).

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