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E-mail me the answers by 10pm on Wed. 1/21 for full credit. You may work with one other student on this circuit analysis if you wish; please identify your partner in the e-mail message. Also please note how many minutes you spent solving the quiz.

I will be posting the solution to the quiz this weekend so that you may review it before the exam.

quiz circuit

Consider the circuit above. The internal resistance of the battery is 2 ohm.

  1. What is the effective resistance of the circuit?
    (Hint: it is not 27 ohm, nor is it 1.5 ohm!)

  2. What is the current through the battery?

  3. What is the voltage across the 10 ohm resistor?

  4. What is the current through the 15 ohm resistor?

  5. What is the power dissipated by the 15 ohm resistor? by the 10 ohm resistor?

  6. What is the power supplied by the battery?

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