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  • Due by end of class Mon. 1/5: (1 pt.) Student Responses

  • Due by 10pm, Tues. 1/6: (1 pt.)
    • Preferably using the computer which you will most typically use to access the Internet for SCEN103, fill out and submit the survey regarding your current attitude toward technology.
    Survey Results

  • Due at start of class on Wed. 1/7:
    • Read through the handout of Chap. 12 from The Physics of Everyday Phenomena

  • Due by Fri. 1/9, 5pm: (1 pt.)
    • Look over the SCEN103 list of online newspapers.
    • Find an additional science or technology listing that I can include in my list of online newspaper resources for SCEN103 and e-mail it to ghw@udel.edu.
    • Register your "subscription" for the New York Times
      -- please do NOT use the same password as your UD composer account
    Your Answers

  • Due via this e-mail form by Sun. 1/11, 5pm (1 pt.) Your Answers

  • Due at start of class on Mon. 1/12: (2 pts.)
    • Answer first 12 (of 19) "short" questions attached to handout of Chap. 12.

  • Due via e-mail by end of class on Mon. 1/12 (1 pt.)

  • Due at start of class on Wed. 1/14: (2 pts.)
    • Submit written solutions to the following four exercises from the end of Chap. 12 from The Physics of Everyday Phenomena: E12.4, 5, 8, 12

  • UNIX Worksheet (2 pts.)
    • 0.5 point for creating .plan and making it accessible to the finger command.
    • 0.5 point for creating .signature and setting pine to use it
      -- and e-mailing message to ghw@udel.edu by end of class Wed. 1/14..
    • 1.0 point for creating a rudimentary homepage by Fri. 1/16, 5 pm.

  • HTML Worksheet, due by 5pm Sun. 1/18 (2 pts.)
    • Add to your personal homepage an unordered list of the courses in which you are registered this semester and make the word SCEN103 hyperlink to our course homepage.

  • Quiz, due by 10pm Wed. 1/21 (4 pts.)

  • Internet Challenge, due by 5pm Fri. 1/23: (0.5 pt for each question that stumps me!)
    • Each group should pose 3 challenge areas and a specific question for each to serve as a test of the instructor's WebExplorer status.
      1. SPORTS: What is the legal curvature for a hockey stick blade in the NHL?
      2. MUSIC: On the 1995 Phish Fall tour, how many times did they play the song "Timber Ho"?
      3. ASTRONOMY: When is the next solar eclipse visible from Newark, DE?
    • Have one member of the group e-mail me the questions. I should receive the three questions by the due date so that I have the weekend to find the answer!
    • I will report back with the results next week!
      You will be presented with a similar challenge next class meeting.
    Challenge Questions and my answers.

  • pine and xv Worksheet (2 pts., w/ optional bonus pts)
    • 1 point for attending discussion session on Monday 1/26 and examining figure attached to recent e-mail message.
    • 1 point for completing assignment as outlined in the text attached to the same e-mail message
      -- and e-mailing message to ghw@udel.edu by Friday 1/30, 5pm.
    • 1 point BONUS: Include your written solution as an attachment to the e-mail message above!
    • 1 point BONUS: Attach a graphics file that I might find interesting.

  • Logic Homework (3 pts.)
    • Due at start of class on Wed. 2/4

  • Group Term Project: Rules; Ideas
    • Group Presentation to be made on Thur. 2/5 at 3:30pm

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