[logo] Classification of Solids

Observe and test the four cylindrical samples provided.

The four cylinders were samples of

Try to identify as many physical attributes as possible.

Possible attributes to mention:

  1. Color
  2. Specular Reflectivity -- shiny?
  3. Optical Absorption -- transparent?
  4. Appearance of sandpaper test (color of fine particles)
  5. Surface texture? -- property of sample or of preparation?
  6. Density -- weight
  7. Hardness -- scratch test
  8. Electrical conduction -- resistance? metal or not?
  9. Thermal conduction -- coolness to touch
  10. Resilience/Dissipation -- bounce test, dent test
  11. Speed of sound/attenuation -- "ping" test
  12. Malleable? -- scratch with razor blade, brittle? gummy?
  13. Smell?
  14. Taste?
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