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Jan. 5

Our first class meeting will be Monday 1/5 at 6pm in Sharp Lab 131. Even though our class is small, I have requested the auditorium because of its superior computer projection facilities -- I would appreciate it if you would sit in the center bottom few rows!

I wanted to let you know ahead of time that our first class meeting will probably go fully to 9:45. Since we will be meeting only nine times this semester, it is essential that we get started. If you would like a preview of our first few classes, you may check last year's web site. We will be working through about 3 regular semester class meetings per night this winterim. When that is finished, we will be going to the computer lab for some Internet exploration.

Four hours does sound like a long class, but we will be working on numerous group activities and exercises during each class meeting, so I think the schedule should be bearable. Again, welcome to SCEN103; I look forward to meeting you.

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