[Syllabus logo] SCEN167 3/12 Group Exercise

Classification of Solids

Results of Fall 1995 exercise


Mass: heaviest 2nd heaviest lightest 3rd heaviest
Color: gold silver clear black
Hardness: 3rd hardest easiest 2nd hardest hardest
Luster: shiny shiniest transparent dullest
Texture: 2nd smoothest 3rd smoothest smoothest rough
Smell: copper aluminum plastic like horse
Taste: metallic metallic no taste like horse
Vibration/Sound: high pitch ringing low pitch medium pitch deep/low pitch
Visibility: not clear not clear clear through not clear
Appeal to the eye: like like like don't like


Color: goldish silver clear black
Material: copper aluminum plastic wood?
Weight: heaviest heavier lightest lighter
Luster: shiny shiny none none
Tranlucency: no no yes no
Texture: smooth metallic smooth metallic smooth, glossy grainy
Bouncability: lowest lower higher highest
Pitch when hit: lowest lower higher highest
Hardness: most more less least
Scratch-ability: least more less most

Those Guys

Weight/density: high low
Conductivity: high low
Smell: none none none like bandaids
Taste: bad bad bad bad
Color: gold silver transparent black/ green/ brown
Texture: medium roughness medium roughness smooth scaly
Sound pitch: high high low low
Luster: high high none dull
Malleability/Fracture: malleable malleable fracture fracture

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