[Syllabus logo] SCEN102 10/19 Group Exercise

Classification of Solids


Color: gold silver clear dark brown / black
shiny shiny transparent dull
Scratch: yes yes yes yes
Smell when rubbed: metallic metallic like plastic rubber
Bounce when dropped: no no yes yes
Scratch bolt? yes yes no no
Dent when hit w/ bolt? yes yes no no
Weight: heaviest next heaviest next lightest lightest
Color on sandpaper: goldish black & silver white grayish
Conductor/Insulator: conductor / metal conductor / metal insulator insulator

New Generation

Color: gold silver clear (none) brown
Smell: metallic metallic sweet leathery
Surface texture: ridges more ridges smooth coarse
Weight: heaviest even heavier light heavier
Tranparent / Opaque? opaque opaque transparent opaque
Sound: "ping" highest "ping" highest high "clink" dull high "clink"
metallic / non-metallic metallic metallic non-metallic non-metallic
Grain, texture of (cross-)cut: defined defined smooth smooth
Conductor / Insulator? conductor conductor insulator insulator
Taste "bitter" bland none -- "bland" glue
Dull / Shiny? shiny shiny dull dull
Bounce? Once and done None Yes, a lot Yes, a lot
Durability when hit: dent dent no dent no dent


clear / whitish color gold silver dark wood-looking
light heavy heavy light
scratches easily scratches easily scraches easily not scratchable
no dents dents soft (dents) gold residue
room temp cold cold room temp
not a conductor conductor conductor not a conductor
a lot of ohms 1.1 ohms 1.3 -- 1.5 ohms a lot of ohms
low-pitched high-pitched high-pitched low-pitched
insulator metal metal insulator
shiny shiny shiny dull-looking


CATEGORIES gold transparent silver black
Weight: heaviest lightest 2nd heaviest 3rd heaviest
Pitch: highest lowest 2nd highest 3rd highest
Color on paper: darkest lightest 2nd darkest 3rd darkest
Texture: smooth smoothest smooth roughest
Shiny / Dull ? shiniest 3rd shiniest 2nd shinest dullest
Smell (1=strongest): 1 4 2 3
Transparency: least most least least
Scratch test: 2nd most most scratchable 3rd most least

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