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Course Resources:
Anonymous Online Suggestion Box (password protected)
Student Suggestions and Responses; Clarifications
PHYS345 Search Engine
Concept Checks (password protected)
Homework Hints and Answers  (password protected)
Quizzes and Solutions; Quiz Archive (password protected)
Exam Archive
Errata page, Textbook Website

Electricity and Electronics Resources:
Selected Electronics Vendors and Commerical Educational Sites
Selected Online Electronics Resources
Electric Power Companies
Resistor Color Code Table and Resistor Decoder

Other Online Electricity and Electronics Courses:
Online Courses indexed by the World Lecture Hall
    Physics, Electrical Engineering, and Science & Technology Courses
SCEN103 and PHYS208 at U. Delaware (George Watson)
Selected Online Electronics Courses

  The beauty of physics lies in the extent which seemingly complex and unrelated phenomena can be explained and correlated through a high level of abstraction be a set of laws which are usually amazing in their simplicity. 
 Melvin Schwartz
"Principles of Electrodynamics"

Online Physics Resources:
UD DPA Physics Resource Page
SCEN103: Scientific Reference Tables
NIST Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty
  -  Fundamental Physical Constants
  -  International System of Units (SI)
  -  Uncertainty of Measurement Results

UD Online Resources:
UD Library: Online Catalog, Networked Databases
User Education Computing Class Schedule

Computer and Internet Resources:
SCEN103: Internet Search Tools; HTML help page
How to Search the Web, A Guide to Search Tools
Evaluating Web Resources -- How to Recognize an Informational Web Site
MegaConverter, conversion utility and calculator, access to numerous online calculators
Linear Algebra Solver for those pesky simultaneous equations...

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