PHYS345 Electricity and Electronics

BK Precision 2906 Multimeter

Figure 9. BK Precision 2906 Multimeter.
Courtesy of BK PRecision, Dynascan Corp.

1. 31/2 digit display (1999 maximum) with automatic decimal pt. and minus sign.
2. POWER switch
3. Function/Range Switch
4. LOGIC Indicators: Red LED = logic high, green LED = low
5. V-OHM  Jack: Input for dc or ac voltage, resistance, or continuity.
6. COM  Jack: Input for common or reference test lead for all measurements.
7. mA  Jack: Input for dc or ac current up to 200 mA.
8. 10 A  Jack: Input for currents up to 10 A.
9. TEMP TYPE K  Jack: Input for Type K thermocouple.
10. hFE  Jacks: Input for direct insertion of npn or em transistor leads.
11. LOGIC  Jacks: Inputs for three pin logic test leads.

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