PHYS345 Electricity and Electronics

Exercises for "Electronics Workbench" Introduction

Exercise 1:
Find the current through each voltage source and the voltage across the current source.

Exercise 1
Figure 1. dc Circuit with Mixed Sources

Exercise 2:
Measure the voltage across each circuit element. Is the Kirchhoff Voltage Law obeyed?

Exercise 2
Figure 2. Driven RC Circuit

Exercise 3:
Bring the circuit into resonance by adding an inductor of the appropriate value in series with the elements of Exercise 2. Note the current in the circuit and the voltage across each element as well as the voltage across the capacitor-inductor pair as resonance is achieved.

Vary the resistor from 1000 ohm to 100 ohm to 10 ohm, noting the changes in the circuit quantities as the resistance is decreased. What is the value of the quality factor Q in each case?

Exercise 3
Figure 3. RLC Series Circuit - Resonance?

Exercise 4:
The inductor-resistor pair in the following circuit represents an induction motor. Determine the current through the source.

Exercise 4
Figure 4. Model of Induction Motor

Add a capacitor in parallel with the motor to minimize the current through the source. Determine its value. Does the current through the motor change?

Exercise 5
Figure 5. Reduction of Source Current

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