PHYS345 Making Food Hot

Oven Oven Cooktop or range Cooktop or Range
Toaster Toaster Toaster oven Toaster Oven
Convection oven Convection Oven Bread Maker Bread Maker
Griddle Griddle Hot plate Hot Plate
Wok Wok Waffle Maker Waffle Maker
Pizelle Baker Pizelle Baker Crock Pot Crock Pot or Slow Cooker
Deep Fryer Deep Fryer Pressure Cooker Pressure Cooker
Rice Cooker Rice Cooker Fish Roaster Fish Roaster
Sukiyaki maker Sukiyaki Maker Tortilla chef Tortilla Chef
Sandwich maker Sandwich Maker Corn popper Corn Popper
Indoor Grill Indoor Grill Egg Cooker Egg Cooker
Raclette grill Raclette Grill Roaster oven Roaster Oven
Mochi Maker Mochi Maker
(rice cake maker)
Can you direct me to an image? Charcoal Briquette Starter

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