PHYS345 Electricity and Electronics

Hint for S14-1

The Thevenin resistance will change the effective value of the input resistance in the inverting configuration.

Hint for P14-1

Refer to the weighted adder circuit. Detemine the variation needed in each input resistor to obtain the desired effect.

Hint for P14-2

Part 1. For the differential configuration,

Differential amplifier from op amp

vo = Rf/Ri (v1 - v2)

If vo = v1 + 5V is desired, what should Rf/Ri and v2 be?

Part 2. Use a voltage divider formed from two resistors R1 and R2 and one of the available power supply voltages to craft a v2 input with the same Thevenin equivalent as the answer to Part 1.

Hint for P14-3

Derive the gain of 100 from a differential configuration. The input impedance of this part of the circuit will be Ri+Rf. How can the remaining two op amps be used to increase the effective impedance seen by the electrodes?

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