PHYS345 Keeping People Warm

House heating system House Heating System Baseboard Heater Baseboard Heater
Radiant heater Radiant Heater Forced-air convection heater Forced-Air
Convection Heater
Wall-hanging electronic warmer Wall-Hanging
Electronic Warmer
Electric blanket Electric Blanket
Heating pad Heating Pad Car blanket Car Blanket
Towel warmer Towel Warmer Mattress pad Mattress Pad
Heated gloves Heated Gloves
(for motorcycling)
Heated clothing Heated Clothing
(for motorcycling)
Electric socks Electric Socks
(for hunting)
Thermal cushion Thermal Cushion/
Stadium Seat
And Animals...
Kennel pad Kennel Pad Incubator Incubator

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