PHYS345 Electricity and Electronics

Nodal Analysis

Sample Circuit: 1 Unknown Node
Consider three lossy voltage sources in parallel as a context for outlining the procedure of mesh analysis. Note that there are actually 2 nodes, but the bottom one has been grounded to 0.0 V, so there is only one unknown nodal voltage.

Three lossy voltage sources in parallel

Step 1: Assignment of Nodal Voltage
Assign a variable name to all nodes with unknown voltages.

Set up for nodal analysis

Step 2: Apply KCL to Each Node
Assume that all currents flow away from the node. Apply KCL.

Node 1:
Node 1 formula

Step 3: Solve for the Unknown Voltages
In this case, there is only one equation involving one unknow voltage, which may be found with simple algebraic manipulation.

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