PHYS345 Electricity and Electronics

Evaluation of PHYS345 Laboratory Exercises
Fall 1998

An end-of-term student survey was conducted regarding the effectiveness of each laboratory exercise for their learning. Students were asked to rate each exercise as follows, 31 responses were received.

Please rate the effectiveness of our lab exercises using the following scale:
1 - essential     2 - effective     3 - neutral     4 - ineffective     5 - waste of my time
Add any comments you wish in the space provided for each topic.

Lab# Topic
1. Introduction to Electrical Measurements
2. Lights Out! - Batteries and Lamps
3. Introduction to the Oscilloscope
4. Introduction to "Electronic Workbench"
5. Introduction to Transmission Lines
6. Lights, Camera, Action! - Transients in Circuits
7. Digital Logic (with Electronics Workbench)
8. Sequential Logic (with Electronics Workbench)
9. Working with Integrated Circuits

Lab survey results

Many thanks to the students who provided feedback and written comments regarding the laboratory exercises. Improvement of this course is greatly aided by your thoughtful input...

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