PHYS345 Electricity and Electronics

PHYS345 Fall 1998 Student Evaluation Comments In no particular order...
  1. Dr. Watson was a very enthusiastic instructor. He was open for questions at any time and would accommodate anyone who could not make it to office hours. He tried to make the course fun, but it is difficult in a course like this.

  2. Dr. Watson is an excellent professor. He keeps everyones attention through humor and enthusiasm, and challenges us enough so we don't get bored. PHYS345 is a change from PHYS208, which I took last spring, with overlap only in the first few weeks and in the lab. I feel that between the two I have an excellent grasp of introductory electronics and magnetism. This course in particular has more emphasis on design and problem solving which I feel is good for engineers.

  3. Excellent teaching ability expecially when well organized. Rushed efforts on topics were not beneficial to the class or individuals (rare event). Pretty good first run through the course in my opinion. I'm sure it will get much better with time.

    The textbook needs to be changed. And lab exercises need to be re-thought. Almost every lab was too much for the allowed time and main concepts were rushed at the end.

    Internet resources were very useful and the lectures on electrical safety and computer technology, though not vital to course objectives, were wonderful, practical, applicable, and very worth the time spent.

  4. The textbook was of little help. Many times I felt that I had missed the first lecture on a given subject (even though I had not).

  5. Every once in a while would feel that we wouldn't have the necessary background for a particular topic and he assumed we did, which made some topics hard. Use of website is good but I like when he worked at the board; he would go through it in more depth which helped in understanding the material. For the first time, his class wasn't bad and he taught pretty well, just need to go in depth more on brand new, never seen before topics.

  6. Good teacher, but tests don't fully reflect covered material - tests focused on skills recommended to "skip over" or "not worry about" during class. This misled students as to what to study to prepare for his tests.

  7. This course may be better suited for a different semester for Mech.Eng. majors. Book needs improvement. Web was very helpful. This was a large amount of material for one semester. Always willing to help, even outside of office hours. Labs involving EWB -- good labs, poor program performance.

  8. I believe that the course can be helpful if the students didn't have to learn so much on their own. There should have been more in class problems done instead of us simply learning how to do the problems and then being taught. Though problem sessions were held, many could not attend and this was a disadvantage. I did, however, find the web resources to be very helpful.

  9. Instructor: 1) George is very impartial toward students and fair. 2) George treated me well when I told him his teaching methods sucked. 3) George can answer almost any electric question you ask him.

    Course: 1) This course was poorly organized and the goals were not clear. 2) The textbook was horrible. I recommend Electric Circuit Analysis. 3) The homework had little to do with lecture topics. 4) Please: Don't ever teach class again by the Internet; use the blackboard!

  10. I thought that the course was interesting and really strove to give us an understanding of circuitry. The labs seemed to give us a tangible outlet to implement the theoretical knowledge gained in class.

    Dr. Watson has an enthusiasm about his subject that seems to be lacking in many of my other classes. He was readily available to clarify concepts and help with our general understanding.

  11. He was enthusiastic about what he taught. He was available out of class and took the time to make sure we understood the material. He knows each of our names and cares not only about what grade we get in this class, but how much we learn and will get out of it.

  12. One of the best professors I've had at UD. The web notes were very helpful, he was clear in making points in class, and he was always prepared. The only criticism is that he was occasionally not in his office during office hours and the homework assignments were sometimes more advanced that the type of problems covered in class.

  13. A very motivated teacher, Prof. Watson made the classroom an active learning environment. This is one of the few courses I have taken which uses this effective tool. I am encouraged to learn more about physics because of this class.

  14. Watson is a creative teacher that usually got his point across. The website was very helpful for learning the course material. However, the class was somewhat disjointed. The topic organization could be better.

  15. Taught the class well considering the class was brand new.

  16. I think that Prof. Watson is an excellent teacher. He opened extra help sessions for the students and opened himself to suggestions on the web. I fell that he has a genuine concern for the students. However, I feel that the course will be better in the future. Because this was the first offering, the website was a little behind. I recommend keeping PHYS345 and Prof. Watson as part of the sophomore Mech.Eng. curriculum.

  17. Dr. Watson made class interesting and he taught us a lot of neat things that I enjoyed learning in addition to the test material we were supposed to learn.

  18. Dr. Watson seemed to enjoy toying with us like timid little school children with the homework assignments. Although at first this festered some antipathy as I cursed his name in several ancient dead languages, eventually I realized that his strategy was really for the best. If nothing else, it made us attend his optional recitation. Dr. Watson is truly gifted at the chalkboard and in giving lectures and should be encouraged to use this medium more than flamboyant www pages.

  19. Watson was a great teacher, very dedicated and sincere. But his tests were insane. I felt cheated.

  20. Dr. Watson is an excellent teacher. On numerous occasions he went out of his way to accommodate the class. He is a very fair teacher and seems to honestly care about the quality of learning we receive.

  21. In general Dr. Watson was well prepared and effective as a professor, but I found the course material to be difficult and irrelevant to my major. Course materials (i.e. our book) were absolutely terrible.

  22. I feel that the tests were a bit too long. Some of the labs were also a little too long and it was difficult to complete them in the allotted time.

  23. Dr. Watson is a very talented professor. For teaching this course for the first time, he did an exemplary job. He made the material interesting and was always there to help if we had problems.

  24. He was very helpful and didn't have a bad attitude toward anyone when you stopped in his office to ask a question.

  25. The material was interesting, especially digitial logic, but when it came to homework and tests I usually felt somewhat unprepared for the level of the questions.

  26. [Need] a little more preparation in class for coax cable lab -- that lab is a little long too. Working on lab write-ups individually is good!

    Book is not very clear -- many misprints. Examples are easy and much of material is covered by questions at end of chapter.

    Grader is not clear with scoring -- only puts checkmarks (would be nice if he/she wrote legibly and did more than put checks on paper). More feedback on homework and quiz papers!

  27. Dr. Watson was always ready for class, but many times I don't feel he introduced new topics in a manner which was easy to understand. I ofter felt unprepared for lab as well. Dr. Watson was very helpful outside of class though.

    The chosen textbook was one of the worst I've ever had to use. Please find a new one for future classes.

  28. Dr. Watson gave clear and understandable explanations to difficult concepts.

  29. Interesting, knowledgeable, gave hard exams.

  30. Dr. Watson is awesome. His website is to helpful. Compared to 208, this is a much better class.

  31. Overall the class was good. The textbook was very confusing because it did not explain things well and it had many mistakes.

  32. He could have gone over a few of the homework problems and assisgned simpler problems, possibly allowing for late hand-ins.

  33. His lectures in class were not always very clear, but was very helpful in his office and during the review sessions.

  34. Could give simpler exam problems so we could have a chance to do well in the course.

  35. Dr. Watson is, in short, the man. Nice, knowledgeable, patient, demanding. Dr. Watson expects a lot, but rewards and appreciates effort.

  36. Dr. Watson was incredible. His lectures were fun and while sometimes he seemed like he expected too much out of too little, he was great overall. I loved this class.

  37. The course was very difficult. Both the homework and tests were much more involved that the class explanations. The tests were the hardest of any class I have ever taken.

  38. His extra help and explanations outside of the class helped me a lot on homework and preparation for the exams.

  39. Good teacher especially when you see him with things you don't understand.

  40. Great professor. He can teach very well, but at times I felt like the course moved too fast and some of the course material was over my head.

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