PHYS345 Electricity and Electronics

Detailed Mesh Analysis Example

The same circuit is used in the Detailed Nodal Analysis Example.

Circuit schematic involving 5 resistors and 2 emfs

Step 1: Replace any combination of resistors in series or parallel with their equivalent resistance. Here I simply use the result from the previous example.

Symmetrized schematic

Step 2: Choose clockwise mesh currents for each mesh and label accordingly.

Mesh currents specified

Step 3: Write the mesh equation for each mesh. Here I suppress the "k" for each resistor; the final currents will be in milliamps.

Left mesh:     11 I1 - 6 I2 = 9
Right mesh:     - 6 I1 + 18 I2 = 9

Step 4: Solve the equations to obtain the values of the unknowns. Tackle the solution of the simultaneous equations in your preferred way.

I1 :  4/3 mA   1.33 mA
I2 :  17/18 mA   0.94 mA

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