PHYS345 Electricity and Electronics

Textbook Errata:

The textbook for PHYS345 is Principles and Applications of Electrical Engineering, 3rded., Rizzoni (McGraw-Hill, 2000; ISBN 0-256-26116-4). Unfortunately a number of typographical errors remain! Please alert me of any typos that you discover so that I may add them to the list...

There is a more extensive page of errata at the EE331: Electrical Engineering I site.

Chapter 2

Problem 2.11, page 60
Part a) should read "The power it dissipates...
Problem 2.38, page 64
I believe that "When a 5 W load..." should be "When a 5 ohm load..."
Chapter 6
Equation 6.33, page 249
The formula for the quality factor should read:
Quality Factor or Quality Factor
Equation 6.34, page 249
The universal resonance formula should read:
Universal Resonance Formula
Chapter 13
Example 13.18, page 633
The last entry in the definition of f(a,b,c,d) should be 1001 rather than 0101, if the Karnaugh map in Fig. 13.54 and the analysis is to be correct.
Thanks to Brendan Dempsey for reporting this.

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