PHYS345 Electricity and Electronics

Not in My Course!
Online Electronics Courses

Electronic Circuits TechnoTutor, from Electrical, Computer, and Engineering Technology Dept. at Queensborough Community College
Internet Guide to Electronics, by John Adams (Links)
Elements of ac Electricity, by David Heiseman of Sweethaven Publishing Services
Fontiers Electrical Engineering Project from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept. at Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Electronics Companion and Interfacing Companion from Dr. A. C. Fischer-Cripps at Dept. of Applied Physica, U. Technology, Sydney

PHYS 395 - Instrumentation and Electronics by Douglas Gingrich at A U. Alberta
    (recommended by Ken Dorsney)
EE331: Electrical Engineering I by Charles Cameron at the U. S. Naval Academy
Digital Integrated Circuits I, by Jennifer Ross at University of the Pacific
Engineering Analysis 3; See Electrical Systems, in System Dynamics by Michael Peshkin
Electronics for Neurobiology by Bruce Land at Cornell Univ.

Contemporary Logic Design, by Randy H. Katz

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