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Simple Circuits

We begin our study of voltage differences and emf, electric current and resistance, and various configurations of resistors in electric circuits.

Electric Current
Ohm's Law and Resistance
    SCEN103 presentation of Ohm's Law and Electrical Energy
Simplest Possible Circuit

Series and Parallel Circuits

Above, we have studied the simplest possible circuit, a single emf and a single resistor. Now we examine combinations of resistors that can be reduced to an equivalent circuit involving just one equivalent resistor.

Series Circuits
    SCEN103 presentation of Series Circuits
      Concept Check: Series Circuits

Parallel Circuits
    SCEN103 presentation of Parallel Circuits

Series and Parallel Combinations
      Concept Check: Series and Parallel Circuits

Detailed Series/Parallel Circuit Example

Relevant Online Resources
dc Circuits tutorial from the Department of Physics at the University of Guelph
Interative two-resistor circuit and four-resistor circuit, same source as above

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