PHYS345 Electricity and Electronics

PHYS345 Fall 1999 Student Evaluation Comments In no particular order...
  1. Would like to take more classes taught by Dr. Watson but don't think they will fit in my schedule. Enjoyed this class and Dr. Watson. Without a doubt one of the best classes I have taken.

  2. Class was very well organized and well taught.

  3. Excellent instructor. Explained things well. Taught in an order that allowed topics to fit together smoothly.

  4. Course was well organized. Instructor's website is extremely helpful. TA was hard to communicate with and his preparation for labs was minimal.

  5. Website was great in class and helpful outside of class. It helped in learning and in studying for exams.

  6. The textbook was terrible. It was no help whatsoever.

  7. Dr. Watson was a very effective teacher. With no previous knowledge of electronics material, I was worried about the class, yet Prof. Watson helped me to learn a great deal of material without too much anxiety.

  8. I had a problem with the lectures in this class. They were hard to follow for me. Maybe more examples before doing homework.
    Dr. Watson offered plenty of extra help. Was flexible. Webpage was very good.

  9. Good course, should cover motors and magnetism more, less on amps and op amps.

  10. Enjoyed the class greatly. Some lectures hard to understand, but professor was always available during office hours. Website was a nice touch as well that proved helpful, but for topics that are hard to understand (i.e. filters, op amps) more examples on the Internet will make things a lot easier. Overall the class was a great learning experience.

  11. Web integration into course was good. Website was excellent, helped a great deal.

  12. Was always available for extra help.
    Provided ample notes in the website.
    Made class fun and interesting.
    Wrote on chalkboard in dark. I couldn't see.
    Excellent teacher.
    Had cool stuff in office that melts.

  13. One of the coolest teachers I've had here at UDel. Webpage is very organized and resourceful, but I didn't like learning from it. I'd rather learn from a teacher.

  14. Dr. Watson was a great teacher -- his enthusiasm showed, making class more enjoyable. He explained things very well & thoroughly. He went above the call of duty often.

  15. I find him humorous. His teaching style is unique and keeps students interested. However, it was frustrating to try to do the homework assigned since it was not covered in class.

  16. The web page was very helpful. It would have been better if it was posted the day before class so I could bring a copy with me, but it was still a great help.

  17. One of the best I have encountered so far at the university.

  18. I didn't like the textbook.

  19. This was an interesting and challenging course. I feel I now have a much better understanding of the simple EE concepts which I will encounter as an ME. Dr. Watson was eager to show us how these concepts applied to us as ME's.

  20. I enjoyed the Wed. study session. It helped me in understanding the material better.

  21. I found the textbook hard to understand.
    It was helpful how many resources were available to ensure we understood the material covered in class.

  22. The course is one of the harder classes I have taken. I don't think it was wise to have such a heavy course only meet twice a week. It became too difficuly and hard to follow. The biggest flaw of the course was the book; it was basically useless in term of studying. The professor was excellent under the circumstances.

  23. Dr. Watson is a great instructor. He tries his hardest to make sure everybody does well, and presents the material in a way that makes that possible.

  24. Best teacher I have ever had. Seemed to enjoy teaching instead of being forced into it. Helpful in help session and office hours. Easy to contact.

  25. I found that the Wed. night recitations were the most helpful for succeeding in this class. I found that this review was better that the actual class sessions.
    The homework hints and numerical answers were helpful but I would have liked actual solutions posted on the web after the homework had been turned it. Same for old exams.
    One plus is that Dr. Watson realized we had other classes besides his, and thus was willing to help us out (i.e. push homework back, etc).
    I feel I needed more background (possibly PHYS208 or more covered in H.S. physics) to understand more in this class.

  26. Dr. Watson was well prepared and seemed to know and like what he was talking about. I like the way he organized his class on his webpage. He made it easy to get things clarified.

  27. Mr. Watson presented the class well and showed enthusiasm which influenced the students. However, many students were very disrupted [by] talking during class. I don't know if this problem can be corrected, but a shame that some students haven't reached maturity yet.

  28. Website was extremely helpful. Class was organized and clear. Having Watson as professor was an enjoyable experience. He really knew the material and was an excellent professor.

  29. Dr. Watson was always well prepared and if there was an award for most audiovisual equipment used, Dr. Watson would get it. Class was not a chore to attend.
    However, the course information was so far over my head sometimes I couldn't even ask an intelligent question. I felt that sometimes the gap of knowledge was just too large.

  30. I felt that our were one of the most understanding professors I've had; ex. postponing exams, accepting late homework if there was a reason.
    At the beginning of the year you did more of the in-class "checks". I liked those. Then we started to go really fast and stopped doing those. They were good.

  31. We needed more examples with answers. The best way I can learn is through examples and repetition. Answers to homework and old exams would help.

  32. Extremely knowledgeable. Sometimes it was difficult to understand your examples. and how they should be solved because you showed us many ways to solve the same problems. If we understood how to solve it originally that method would have been more effective, but as it was it was just more confusing. I think I only had a working oscilloscope in lab once, that was bad. Overall, good class... Lots of learning experiences (every homework assignment).

  33. Web oriented was great for learning. But more detail in class is necessary, perhaps more classes during the week, like a MWF class or better office hours.

  34. I was impressed with the amount of information on the class website. Labs should be simpler, easier to understand. Homework was really hard.

  35. I really enjoyed the course, the only one I actually liked this semester. Great use of website and online resources.

  36. Very well prepared. Made the class interesting.

  37. This course enabled me to construct a vibrating couch (with parts from a window air conditioner) for my roommate.
    I liked the approach of the course to suit ME's.
    Some transitions from topic to topic throughout the semester could be smoother.

  38. PHYS345 was an extremely hard course! Dr. Watson did a very good job teaching it. Although I think that it would have more effective to concentrate less on the Internet and more on the textbook. Dr. Watson was always available and understanding. Without question one of the best professors I have worked with at Delaware.

  39. I think that if the material covered in the first few weeks was explained a bit more clearly and thoroughly I would be doing much better. I got lost early in the semester and have been having trouble trying to catch up throughout the semester.

  40. I liked Dr. Watson the most out of all my professors this year. He really tried to go above and beyond in everything he did (have a study session on his birthday). I wish though that he had the class notes online before class.

  41. One of the best teachers I've had.

  42. Lab: Filter lab - needed.
    Oscilloscope lab - waste of my time, learned very little. Course lec. taught nothing regarding osc. lab.
    Labs in general vague (good lab - lights out).

    Class, Dr. Watson: excellent in office hours help.
    excellent in understanding overall course load (move due dates).
    One of (if not the) best professor I had to far.
    Need to give more examples on web or in class explaining lecture theory (slow down, go step by step).
    Don't erase and skip steps when first explaining unless you are going to give complete, step-by-step explanations on web for later reviews/notes.

  43. Extremely fast paced course. Prof. did a good job especially with multimedia, etc. Excellent teacher except, on a couple of subjects he did not explain the material well enough to understand (op amps, filters). Sometimes it seems as though he expects us to know some of the material before he taught it to us. Otherwise, excellent job.

  44. Office hours were very good. Available very often for extra help.
    I liked the "suggestion box" on his web page.
    The use of his web page was excellent because I was able to spend class time listening and learning rather that taking notes.

  45. Most of the time I just get the feeling that a lot of what we discuss in class is not all that relevant. I understand that it is necessary to see real world application of this material, but at the same time I think we moved to quickly onto new topics, oftentimes while there was still confusion. Problems sessions help, a lot!
    But I do think that Dr. Watson takes a fair approach to it, he understands that this material is difficult and knows that we will never know as much as he does - ever. He is the smartest man alive.

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