PHYS345 Electricity and Electronics

Solving Complex Equations Simultaneously

Find the mesh currents in the following circuit:

Example 4-4, pg 83

Mesh 1:
(4+j3) I1 - j3 I2 = 10 \/20deg

Mesh 2:
- j3 I1 + (j3-j5) I2 = 0

MathCAD is an excellent example of a computation tool which is fairly easy to use. I entered the two equations above to find the complex solution and with a minimum of effort the answer was provided.

Note that the polar quantity 10 \/ 20deg was converted to 9.40 + j3.42 before entering the equations into MathCAD.

MathCAD output for Example 4-4

Maple or Mathematica are other programs that you might wish to employ in finding the complex roots of complex simultaneous equations. MathCAD runs a subset of Maple; I highly recommend it!

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