PHYS345 Electricity and Electronics

Textbook Errata:

The textbook for PHYS345 is Electrical Engineering for All Engineers, 2nded., Roadstrum and Walaver (John Wiley, 1994; ISBN 0-471-51043-2). Unfortunately a number of typographical errors remain! Please alert me of any typos that you discover so that I may add them to the list...

Chapter 2

Page 2, Fig. 2-2(c)
The labels on the arrows should be interchanged.
Page 16, footnote the work done per unit charge...
Page 20, Ex. 2.1
125,000 BTU is 132 MJ, rather than 131,850 KJ, keeping the appropriate number of digits.
Page 25, Fig. 2.10(c)
20 V should be replaced with 10 V.
Page 27, Fig. 2.11(b)
5 A should be replaced with 8 A.
Page 35, P2.4(b)
This problem has serious problems! See my discussion.
Chapter 3
Page 43, Equation at bottom of page
4I1 should be - 4I1
Page 59, Second equation from top of page
First "=" should be "-"
Chapter 4
Page 91 and 93, Figs. for D4.11 and P4.3
The inductor should be labeled j3 ohm and the capacitor should be labeled -j2 ohm. (Thanks to Celestina Laboy for reporting this.)
Chapter 4
Page 125, Eq. 6.8
The formula for XC should not have a minus sign! It does belong in the expression for ZC. (Thanks to Rob Horrobin for reporting this.)
Chapter 9
Page 263, P9.13
The data input for the middle flip-flop should be labeled D2. (Thanks to Adam Tanverdi for reporting this.)
Page 264, P9.21
The last sentences should read "Produce all three outputs."
Chapter 14
Page 456, Example 14.3
Some copies of the text mistakenly read:
Find: a differential amplifier design with a gain of 10...
"10" should be replaced with "100".
Chapter 17
Page 577, Example 17.1
XL = 0.1 ohm, not 0.01 ohm.
Appendix A
Page 686, Fig. A-3(e)
The first "+" sign should be "=".

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