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Capacitors and Inductors

Review: Unit Circle in the Argand Plane

PHYS208: Capacitance
In PHYS345 we will ignore the evaluation of capacitance for different geometries of conductors. For our purposes, we will have at our disposal in the laboratory various capacitors having a range of values of capacitance for circuit design. Our need then is to understand their behavior in a variety of circuits.

Effect of Capacitance in an ac Circuit
Capacitive Reactance

The term "capacitive reactance" XC is often used, where ZC = -jXC.

PHYS208: Inductance
The same attitude prevails regarding inductors too!

Effect of Inductance in an ac Circuit
Inductive Reactance

Again "inductive reactance" XL is often used, where ZL = jXL.

Example from Ch. 4: Solving Complex Equations Simultaneously

Quiz 3: Thevenin Generators

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