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ac Power

Review of Laboratory 4 Exercises

The Power Factor

  Power factor

The cosine factor is known as the power factor. For efficient delivery of power to a load, the power factor should be close to unity. Inductive loads (motors) are often corrected by adding a capacitor.

Transformers are essential for the economical distribution of ac electrical power. The ready transformation of ac from low voltage to high and back led to the wide acceptance of ac over dc for power distribution near the turn of the century. These pages from another course tell most of the story...

From SCEN103 pages:
Electrical Power Consumption
Introduction to Transformers
Electrical Power Distribution
Electric Power Companies
Slideshow of Circuit Overloading

A transformer is a device having a pair of windings, the primary side and the secondary side, which are flux-linked by a common core.

Transformation of Voltage
Voltage transformation

Quiz 4:   ac Circuit Analysis

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