PHYS345 Electricity and Electronics


Assignments will be added as the semester progresses. Generally there will be an assignment of four exercises for each class.

Homework exercises assigned at the end of a class are due at the beginning of the following Tuesday's class. Homework submitted late will not be graded.

Problems assigned are from Electrical Engineering for All Engineers, 2nded., Roadstrum and Walaver (John Wiley, 1994; ISBN 0-471-51043-2) unless otherwise stated.

Hints and Answers

Class:  Chap.  Questions, Exercises, and Problems
11/19 14 P14.5, P14.6, P14.9, P14.10
11/17 14 S14.1, P14.1, P14.2, P14.3
11/12 16 P16.14, P16.15
11/10 9 P9.21
11/5 9 P9.13, P9.15, P9.22
10/29 9 S9.3, D9.20, S9.4, P9.18
10/27 9 S9.1, S9.2, D9.15, P9.5, P9.10
10/22 9 D9.3, D9.4, D9.5, D9.10, P9.2, P9.3
10/20 8 P8.17, P8.19, E8.1, E8.2
10/15 8 D8.16, P8.2, P8.3, P8.9
10/13 7 D7.12, P7.6
10/1 5 P5.5
9/29 6 P6.11, P6.12, P6.13
9/24 4 P4.8, P4.16
9/22 4 D4.11a, D4.11b, P4.4, P4.5
9/17 3 P3.2, E3.6, E3.12
9/15 3 D3.3, D3.4, D3.9, D3.10
9/10 3 D3.1, D3.2, D3.7, D3.8
9/8 2 lab prep, E2.7, S2.1, S2.2
9/3 2 P2.4, P2.7, P2.14, E2.6
9/1 1 Initial Survey

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Hints and Answers

Hints for each assignment will generally be available soon after the assignment is made. Answers will be available after the homework has been submitted for grading.

Password protected; please contact for permission to access the Hints and Answers pages.

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