PHYS208 Fundamentals of Physics II

From the home office in Sious City, Iowa,

Top Ten List of Interesting Comments from PHYS208 Midterm Exam Minute Paper

10. Least expected to see:  The points missing from my grade *
9. Missing but expected:  I'm not complaining but I thought there would be more integrals. *
8. Missing but expected:  Something MacGyver *
7. Still not understood:  Pretty much the whole thing. *
6. Still not understood:  How did someone score higher than my T.A? *
5. Least expected to see:  My final score.
4. Missing but expected:  Time to do the exam.
3. Missing but expected:  Something easy.
2. Still not understood:  How I passed.
1. Still not understood:  I understand it, I just can't do it.

* indicates a comment from Fall 1997 class.

Last updated March 30, 1998.
Copyright George Watson, Univ. of Delaware, 1997.