PHYS208 Fundamentals of Physics II

Course Resources:

Anonymous Online Suggestion Box (password protected)
Student Suggestions and Responses
PHYS208 Search Engine
Concept Checks
Group Exercises
Homework Hints and Answers  (password protected)
CD-Physics Resources by chapter; Errata; CD Exchange
Quizzes and Solutions
Exam Archive

Online Physics Resources:

UD DPA Physics Resource Page
SCEN103: Scientific Reference Tables
A Century of Physics from the American Physical Society
NIST Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty
  -  Fundamental Physical Constants
  -  International System of Units (SI)
  -  Uncertainty of Measurement Results
Noted Figures in Physics, Engineering and Astronomy, by Michael Martens
The Virtual Engineering Center

UD Online Resources:

UD Library: Online Catalog, Networked Databases
User Education Computing Class Schedule

Computer and Internet Resources:

PHYS208 Internet Search Tools
SCEN103: HTML help page
How to Search the Web, A Guide to Search Tools
Evaluating Web Resources -- How to Recognize an Informational Web Site

The Integrator
MegaConverter, conversion utility and calculator, access to numerous online calculators

Other Online E&M Courses:

Online Physics Courses from the World Lecture Hall
PHYS 253 at U. Oregon (Stephen Kevan)
PHYS 208 Honors at U. Delaware (Maurice Barnhill)
PHYS 213 at Cornell Univ. (Peter Lepage)
PHYS 1160 at Eastern Illinois Univ. (Doug Davis)
PHYS 222 at Indiana Univ. (Alex Dzierba)
PHYS 3302 at U. Texas at Dallas (C. G. Fesen)
P10D at U. West Indies (J. Sodha)

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