PHYS208 Fundamentals of Physics II


Useful constants:

[useful constants]

Maxwell's equations in integral form:

[Maxwell's Equations]

Free LC oscillation:

[free LC oscillation]

Free RLC oscillation:

[free RLC oscillation]

RLC series ac circuit:

[ac circuits]

No excuses:

[angular frequency]

Inductive reactance:

[inductive reactance]

Capacitive reactance:

[capacitive reactance]

RLC series impedance:


Transmission Lines:
Phase speed:

[phase speed]

Characteristic impedance:

[characteristic impedance]

Reflection coefficient for incorrect termination:

[reflection coefficient]

Universal resonance with quality factor:

[universal resonance]

Quality factor for RLC series ac circuit:

[quality factor]

Transformation of Voltage:

[voltage transformation]

Transformation of Resistance:

[resistance transformation]

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