PHYS208 Fundamentals of Physics II

Useful constants:

[useful constants]

Magnetic force on a moving charge:

[magnetic force]

Magnetic force on a current segment:

[magnetic force]

Magnetic torque on a dipole in a field:

[mag-dipole torque]

Magnetic dipole moment of a current loop:

[magnetic dipole]

Potential energy of a dipole in a field:

[mag-dipole energy]

Energy density associated with field:

[magnetic energy density]

Biot-Savart law:

[Biot-Savart law]

Ampere's law:

[Ampere's law]

B from long straight current:

[B due to wire]

B on axis of circular current:

[B due to ring]

Faraday's law:

[Faraday's law]

Magnetic Flux:

[magnetic flux]

One definition of inductance:

[Definition of L]


emf induced in an inductor:

[emf of inductor]

Energy stored in inductor:

[Energy in L]

RC time constant:

[RC time constant]

LR time constant:

[LR time constant]

Capacitor charging by emf through resistance:


Inductor energizing by emf through resistance:


Capacitor discharging through resistance:


Inductor deenergizing through resistance:


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