PHYS208 Fundamentals of Physics II

Useful constants:

[useful constants]

Binomial theorem:

[binomial theorem]

Gauss's law:

[Gauss's law]
Note that this is a surface integral!

Definition of electric potential

[defn of potential]
Note that this is a line integral!

Electric field for a point charge:

[E for a point charge]

Electric potential for a point charge:

[V for a point charge]

Ohm's law

[Ohm's law]

Definition of capacitance:

[defn of capacitance]

Resistance of a cylinder:

[resistance of a cylinder]

Parallel-plate capacitance:

[parallel-plate capacitance]


Power delivered by battery
or dissipated by resistor


Electrical energy density

[energy density]

Energy stored by capacitor

[energy in capacitor]

Resistors in series

[series resistors]

Capacitors in series

[series capacitors]

Resistors in parallel

[parallel resistors]

Capacitors in parallel

[parallel capacitors]

Capacitor charging by emf through resistor:


Capacitor discharging through resistor:


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