PHYS208 Fundamentals of Physics II

Answer for Ch. 33, 43E

a) 650 Hz

b) 24 ohm

Answer for Ch. 33, 47E

a) 6.73 ms

b) 2.24 ms

c) Since the current leads the voltage by pi/2; it must be a capacitor.

d) 59.0 microF

Answer for Ch. 33, 49E

a) magnitude of impedance is 182 ohm;
magnitude of current is 198 mA;
phase angle is 0.497 rad (28.5 deg)

[phasor diagram]

Answer for Ch. 33, 51E

magnitude of impedance is 167 ohm
(now that the capacitive reactance has changed to 37.9 ohm);
magnitude of current is 216 mA;
phase angle is 0.296 rad (17.0 deg)

[phasor diagram]

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