PHYS208 Fundamentals of Physics II

Answer for Ch. 33, 31E

8.66 milli-ohm

Answer for Ch. 33, 33P

t = (L/Rln(2)

Answer for Ch. 33, 34P


For N=5, q = 5.85 microC.
For N=10, q = 5.52 microC.
For N=100, q = 1.93 microC.

Answer for Ch. 33, 36P


Substitute this derivative and the one from the hint into Eq. 33.20 to find the final expression.

b) Beta is 11.4 rad/sec and omega is 176 rad/sec. When beta is much smaller than the omega, the fractional shift introduced by loss can be approximated by -(beta/omega)2/2. Thus the fractional shift in frequency is 0.2%.

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