PHYS208 Fundamentals of Physics II

Answer for Ch. 31, 63E

a) 8.45 ns.

b) 7.37 mA.

Answer for Ch. 31, 67P

12.0 A/s

Answer for Ch. 31, 68P

a) Inductance is 0.29 mH.

b) Resistance of wire is 1.0 ohm, so the inductive time constant is 0.29 ms.

Answer for Ch. 31, 69P

a) i1 = i2 = 3.33 A.

b) Effective resistance of three resistors is 22 ohm. Thus i1 = 4.55 A; i1 = 2.73 A.

c) i2 = 1.82 A, immediately on the switch opening, since it is now in series with the inductive branch, which had the current 4.55 A-2.73 A through it from part b).

d) All currents diminish to zero after power source is removed.

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