PHYS208 Fundamentals of Physics II

Answer for Ch. 29, 54E

[definition of directions]

Let B = B i

Fa = -(0.138 N) k
Fb = (0.138 N) k
Fc = 0


Each of the forces Fa and Fa contribute a torque of 0.045 N-m up.

The magnetic dipole moment is 1.2 A-m2.

Answer for Ch. 29, 56P

Expression for torque is (i L2 B)/(4 pi N).

Answer for Ch. 29, 61P

a) voltmeter: 542 ohm in series

b) ammeter: 2.52 ohm in parallel

Answer for Ch. 29, 62P

Least current required is 2.45 A.

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