PHYS208 Fundamentals of Physics II

Answer for Ch. 29, 5P

a) Magnetic force is to the east.

b) From classical kinetic energy formula, speed of electron is 6.49 x 107 m/s.
[This is 0.22 times the speed of light; corrected for relativistic effects, the speed would only change to 6.39 x 107 m/s, not much difference!]

The acceleration is 6.27 x 1014 m/s2.

c) The electron follows a circular path of radius 6.72 m.

The resulting deflection is 2.98 mm.

Answer for Ch. 29, 45E

Force is 28.2 N to the west.

Answer for Ch. 29, 46E

Current required is 467 mA.

Answer for Ch. 29, 53P

The required magnetic field is 0.10 T at an angle of 31 degrees from the vertical.

Answer for Ch. 29, 60P

The resultant force is vertical with magnitude


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