PHYS208 Fundamentals of Physics II

Answer for Ch. 23, 3E

to the right.

Answer for Ch. 23, 17P


Answer for Ch. 23, 22P

E = 2 sqrt(2) k q / a2

direction is up.

numerical value: 1.02 x 105 N/C

Answer for Ch. 23, 52P

The final speed is 2.7 x 10-6 m/s.

The electric field has magnitude 1.0 x 103 N/C.

Answer for Ch. 23, 57P

The acceleration of the electron in the electric field is 3.5 x 1014 m/s2, downward. With that information this becomes a kinematics calculation, similar to a trajectory near the surface of the earth; the electron hits the upper plate 2.73 cm from the edge.

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