PHYS208 Fundamentals of Physics II

Questions, Exercises, and Problems

CD = CD-Physics 2.0; LW = Interactive LearningWare

 I don't have any solution, but I certainly admire the problem. 
 Ashleigh Brilliant
UC Berkeley 'street' philosopher

Hints and Answers:

May 13 Ch. 33:    Hints Answers
  89P  hint, answer
  90P  hint, answer (CD)
May 11 Ch. 33:    Hints Answers
  80P  hint (CD), answer
  81P  hint, answer
  84P  hint, answer
  85P  hint (CD), answer (LW)
May 8 Ch. 33:    Hints Answers
  55P  hint, answer (LW)
  56P  hint (CD), answer (LW)
  58P  hint, answer
  61P  hint, answer
  63P  hint, answer
May 6 Ch. 33:    Hints Answers
  43E  hint, answer (CD)
  47E  hint (CD), answer
  49E  hint, answer
  51E  hint, answer (CD)
Apr. 27 Ch. 33:    Hints Answers
  31E  hint, answer (CD) (LW)
  33P  hint, answer (CD)
  34P  hint (CD), answer
  36P  hint (CD), answer
Apr. 24 Ch. 33:    Hints Answers
  11E  hint, answer (CD) (LW)
  18P  hint, answer (CD) (LW)
  21P  hint, answer (CD)
  24P  hint, answer (CD)
  25P  hint (CD), answer (CD)
Apr. 22 Ch. 31:    Hints Answers
  50P  hint, answer (CD)
  77E  hint (CD), answer
  80P  hint (CD), answer
  85E  hint, answer (LW)
  90P  hint, answer (CD)
Apr. 20 Ch. 31:    Hints Answers
  63E  hint, answer (CD)
  67P  hint, answer (LW)
  68P  hint, answer
  69P  hint, answer (CD)
Apr. 17 Ch. 31:    Hints Answers
  29P  hint (CD), answer
  35P+extension  hint, answer
  39P  hint, answer (CD)
Apr. 15 Ch. 31:    Hints Answers
  5Q  hint, answer
  10P  hint, answer (CD)
  21P  hint, answer (LW - use 20P)
  25P  hint, answer (CD) (LW - use 26P)
Apr. 13 Ch. 30:    Hints Answers
  55E  hint, answer
  64E  hint, answer
  72P  hint, answer
  special; hint, answer
Apr. 3 Ch. 30:    Hints Answers
  45P  hint, answer
  47P  hint, answer
  48P  hint, answer
  49P  hint, answer
  51P  hint, answer
Apr. 1 Ch. 30:    Hints Answers
  17P  hint, answer (CD)
  19P  hint, answer
  26P  hint, answer (LW)
  38P  hint (CD), answer (LW)
  39P  hint, answer
Mar. 30 Ch. 29:    Hints Answers
  12P  hint, answer (LW)
  16P  hint (CD), answer
  19E  hint, answer
  21E  hint, answer
Mar. 27 Ch. 29:    Hints Answers
  54E+extension  hint, answer
  56E  hint, answer (CD)
  61P  hint, answer (CD)
  62P  hint, answer (CD) (LW)
Mar. 24 Ch. 29:    Hints Answers
  5P  hint, answer (CD)
  45E  hint, answer
  46E  hint, answer (CD) (LW)
  53P  hint, answer (CD)
  60P  hint (CD), answer (CD)
Mar. 13 Ch. 28:    Hints Answers
  67E  hint, answer (CD)
    68E  hint (CD), answer (LW)
    69P  hint, answer (CD)
    71P  hint, answer
    76P  hint, answer
Mar. 11 Ch. 26:    Hints Answers
  16E  hint, answer (LW)
  18E  hint (CD), answer
    19E  hint (CD), answer
    26P  hint, answer
    46P  hint, answer (CD) (LW)
Mar. 9  Ch. 26:    Hints Answers
  special #1:  hint, answer
  special #2:  hint, answer
Mar. 6    Hints Answers
  Ch. 24:  20E:  hint (CD), answer
    27P:  hint (CD), answer (CD)
    53P:  hint (CD), answer (CD)
  Ch. 25:  77E:  hint (CD), answer
Mar. 4 Ch. 24:    Hints Answers
  25P:  hint (CD), answer
  31P:  hint, answer (CD)
  32E:  hint, answer
  52P:  hint (CD), answer (LW)
Mar. 2 Ch. 24:    Hints Answers
  4Q:  hint, answer
  15P:  hint, answer (CD)
Feb. 27 Ch. 23:    Hints Answers
  25P:  hint (CD), answer
    special:  hints 1, 2  answer
Feb. 25      Hints Answers
  Ch. 23:  32P:  hint (CD), answer  (LW#%!)
  33P:  hint  
  34P:  hint (CD), answer  (LW#%!)
  Ch. 25:  42P:  hint, answer
Feb. 23 Ch. 28:    Hints Answers
  43P:  hint (CD), answer  (LW#%!)
    44P:  hint (CD), answer
    48P:  hint, answer (CD)
    57P:  hint, answer
Feb. 20 Ch. 28:    Hints Answers
  14E:  hint, answer
    33E:  hint, answer
    38E:  hint, answer
    55P:  hint, answer (LW)
Feb. 18 Ch. 27:    Hints Answers
  5E:  hint, answer
    27E:  hint, answer (CD)  (LW)
    35P:  hint, answer  (LW)
    41P:  hint, answer (CD)
    55P:  hint, answer
    62P:  hint, answer
Feb. 16 Ch. 25:    Hints Answers
  3Q:  hint, answer
    4Q:  hint, answer
    3P:  hint, answer (CD)
Feb. 13  Ch. 23:    Hints Answers
  3E:  hint, answer  
  17P:  hint, answer  
  22P:  hint, answer (CD)  (LW)
  52P:  hint (CD), answer  (LW)
  57P:  hint (CD), answer (CD)  
Feb. 11  Ch. 22:    Hints Answers
  8P:  hint (CD), answer  
  10P:  hint, answer  (LW#%!)
  18P:  hint, answer  (LW)
  19P:  hint (CD), answer  

 Progress is made by moving from failure to failure with undiminished enthusiasm. 
 Winston Churchill 

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