PHYS208 Second Midterm Exam       November 14, 1997


  1. Is the force between the two objects repulsive or attractive?


  2. In a uniform magnetic field that points toward you, will an electron circulate clockwise or counterclockwise?


  3. What direction of the applied magnetic field deflected the electron beam upward?

    to the left

  4. Which configuration will create the largest magnetic field at point P?

    b, the one on the right


  1. What is the current in the bulb just at the instant that the switch is closed?

    360 mA

  2. What is the current in the bulb a long time after the switch is closed?

    0 mA

  3. What is the current in the bulb immediately after the switch is re-opened?

    500 mA


How long will it take to charge the capacitor to 99% of its final stored charge separation?

290 ms


  1. Evaluate the internal inductance of a 10 cm length of 18-gauge wire (diameter 1.0 mm).

    5.0 nanoH


  1. What is the value of the terminal velocity of this loop?

    4.1 mm/s

  2. What is the value of the current induced in this loop?

    120 mA

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