PHYS208 Fundamentals of Physics II

October 11, 1993    Midterm Exam 1

Numerical Answers

to check your work...

2. a.  What is the current through the lamp?

0.42 A

2. c.  What is the power dissipated by the lamp?

1.22 W

2. d.  If the current is measured to an accuracy of 2% and the resistance is known only to within 5%, what will the uncertainty of the power calculated above be (in percent)?


2. e.  The polarity of one of the D-cells is switched. Now what is the current through the lamp?

0.21 A

3. d.  Evaluate the capacitance if a = 10 mm, b = 11 mm, c = 12 mm, and d = 13 mm.

14.7 pF [updated!] Thanks to Leslie Rossman for pointing out my error!

e. If identical charges are deposited on both conductors, say +1 microcoulombs, how are the charges distributed among the four surfaces?

All answers are in microcoulombs

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