PHYS208 PHYS208 Spring 1998 Student Evaluation Comments

In no particular order...
  1. Very helpful during office hours. Some quizzes were tricky though. The exam questions should vary more to cover all material not just 2 things. Fair grader.

  2. Great physics teacher. [I] like the web site approach.
    Just remember Dr. Watson, next time you teach the course, that when you upload the quiz solutions before the quiz, we can still get to them, even if the link isn't active... I'm sure you know what I mean!

  3. Really liked his home page. Found it a useful tool. Had a great time when experiments were done in class. Give away more money next time. He made a difficult course interesting and that's not always an easy thing to do.

  4. Dr. Watson greatly increased my enthusiasm and confidence in the course material. He emphasized understanding the subjects, rather than just memorizing formulas. I dreaded "Electricity and Magnetism" before taking this class; however, I am coming out of the class with a very positive experience due to Dr. Watson's enthusiasm, patience, and willingness to answer my many questions.

  5. Dr. Watson is a good teacher and interesting in class. I think he might be a little crazy but that just makes the class more fun. He did a lot of fun things (demonstrations etc.) in class that I really liked.

  6. Very innovative ideas in using the Internet as a good resource for learning. Could have done some more problems in class instead of so much theory all the time.

  7. His humor helped me through this hard course. However more examples would have been extremely helpful.

  8. The website is good to review, not for studying I think! You need to assign some [homework problems] that are essentially for discussion section due to students not knowing what questions [are] need[ed] for the exam.

  9. Course was presented real well. Instructor is top notch. This has been one of my favorite courses. Thanks. I am seriously considering taking higher level physics courses if time allows.

  10. Very difficult. Gave good resources, was available and tried to make sure that everyone understood.

  11. Kept class as interesting as possible. Civil engineers shouldn't have to take the course.

  12. Although I thought Dr. Watson was a well-prepared and benevolent teacher, I found it difficult at times to take what I had learned in the classroom and successfully apply [it] to the tests. I had to do a considerable amount of work on my own in order to succeed on quizzes and tests. However, his energy for the material kept me motivated throughout the semester.

  13. Dr. Watson was a great professor. I do not enjoy the subject matter; however, Dr. Watson kept my attention and interest.

  14. Knows what he's talking about, and is an excellent professor. But on the exams I think he expects too much from us. He goes out of his way to challenge us and expects the class average to be a 50% on exams. I think it would help to tone down the exams a little. However, I think they should remain challenging.

  15. I particularly liked the online demonstrations. The idea of using the web was great! Dr. Watson is really excited about teaching and it's apparent. I enjoyed the class and I learned a great deal. Physics 208 was fun!

  16. Dr. Watson was a very effective teacher, although I had a little difficulty connecting different concepts. He put a lot of time in his class preparation and the webpage. I am hoping to receive a B-/C+ based on my performance on the final. The test were very challenging.

  17. [Homework]'s seem disconnected from curriculum and exams. Problems difficult and demoralizing (in HW's only). Useless
    1st test grade (having done all homework): 48% (C)
    2nd test grade (having done none): 68% (B)
    Lab manual written in another language?

  18. Dr. Watson had a great knowledge of physics, and everything he attempted to teach to the class I understood well. Unfortunately I did not invest enough energy into the course as I needed to have the understanding I wanted -- I did not spend time reading the book. Since Dr. Watson is such a great teacher, I would have done better if the lecture more completely covered the material such that the book is only a supplement.
    It would help if the answers to the H.W. for each week were on one page.

  19. Dr. Watson ranks in the top 3 on a scale of the best teachers in my lifetime. His class was the most organized I have ever been in. He made drudgery exciting and should be greatly rewarded. Why can't all of my teachers be like this legend?

  20. He presented topics in a way that caused us to want to learn them. His online resoucess [were] incredibly useful for course understanding. He made physics fun.

  21. No one did very many of the problems before the exam. It would be very helpful to collect problems.

    In the future be careful of people cheating on quizzes. People cheated and changed 97 to 98 in the quiz address as well as printing it out in the few minutes before class when you posted them just before class.

  22. The course was unreasonably hard. I have no clue as to what is going on and on top of that, Dr. Watson only puts material on the test that no one has seen before. So, even when I started to learn something there was to hope since he was out to trick people. The course sucks!

  23. Dr. Watson is a very entertaining teacher who keeps everyone's attention. His concept ehecks are extremely helpful. Overall, a very thorough and interesting professor.

  24. I feel Dr. Watson is an excellent teacher of the material. He really wanted everyone to understand the material. Office hours were very helpful. I enjoyed real world examples such as the transformers and power company lecture. Perhaps more like these would be helpful if time allows.

  25. Smart guy! [Homework] assignments didn't reflect class sessions. Exams did nothing for my self-esteem; i.e. 55 average.

  26. Good instructor and nice guy.

  27. Was a great guy, but the material was very hard to learn. I felt the tests weren't much like the problems in the textbook. Sometimes the test questions were confusing from the get go. Felt the Internet was effective.

  28. Dr. Watson is an excellent professor. He knows the subject matter well and is very enthusiastic about teaching it. The course itself, however, I feel was more of a drain on my resources than anything. The subject has nothing to do with my major - civil engineering - and I was glad to hear that the course has been removed from the civ. eng. required curriculum.

  29. Well done

  30. Dr. Watson is an excellent teacher, who is very understanding and helpful. He helped both in physics and mental preparations for all of my classes.

  31. Interesting and effective electronic teaching methods, though not essential.

  32. Needs to do more "problems" in class so we learn how to do what is expected on the exams.

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