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Ampere's Law

Brief Discussion of Daylight Savings Time

Review by Way of Comparison

The Electric Field   The Magnetic Field
Electric force on a charge   Magnetic force on a moving charge
Coulomb's Law:   Biot-Savart Law:
Coulombs' law   Biot-Savart law
Gauss's Law:   For Magnetism:
Gauss's Law for the Electric Field   Gauss's Law for the Magnetic Field

What else?

Definition of Electric Potential:    
Definition of Electric Potential
If a closed path is specified for the line integral,
so that point B is located at point A
(where the potential must have the same value!):
Definition of Conservative Field:    
The Electric Field is Conservative   What about the Magnetic Field?
The electric field is conservative;
this allows a scalar potential to be defined.
  It turns out that this integral is not zero!
Thus the magnetic field is not conservative
and no scalar magnetic potential may be defined.

Delayed Concept Check

Introduction of Ampere's Law

[Ampere's law]

Application to Long, Straight Wire

Quiz 6: Magnetic Force/Torque (Solution)

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