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Biot-Savart Law

Quote of the Day

DEMONSTRATION: magnetic field from a current loop

Comparison of Electric and Magnetic Field Calculations

Coulomb's Law   Biot-Savart Law
Coulombs' law   Biot-Savart law

Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 08:28:17 -500
From: David Roselle <roselle@UDel.Edu>
To: George Watson <ghw@UDel.Edu>
Cc: Henry Glyde <glyde@UDel.Edu>
Subject: Request for Clarification
Your recent endeavors in teaching physics have come to
my attention by way of your promotion dossier.  As
president, I must say that I have some reservations
regarding your excessive use of the Web in teaching.

What evidence to you have that these online activities
are of any benefit to your students?  I have heard that
the average on your most recent exam was not even a 50!
I am afraid that I will not be able to support your
promotion this year after all. Good luck in the future.
Please note that the message above was used as part of an April's Fool joke in class. There is no need to write President Roselle on my behalf...

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