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The Electric Dipole

We will finish the previous class and then discuss the electric dipole with the time that remains.

Electric Field on the Axis of a Uniformly Charged Disk

Concept Check

The Electric Dipole

The theme of today's class is the binomial theorem. First, each of the expressions for E was calculated at an arbitrary distance from the charge distribution; then the expression was considered in the limit far away from each charge distribution. The charged disk was seen to behave as a point charge far away. The dipole was found to have an E field which fell off as r-3, rather than r-2 as for the point charge.

The binomial theorem plays a big role in allowing us to check the limiting behavior of expressions that we derive.

How big is the binomial theorem?

Application of the binomial theorem

Another Dipole Example: Quiz 3 extension, Fall'97 -- not for the faint hearted...

Quiz 2: dc Circuits  --  (Solution)

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