PHYS208 Fundamentals of Physics II

From the home office in Sious City, Iowa,

Top Ten List of Amusing Comments from PHYS208 Minute Papers

10. Why would you calculate an electric flux for a closed surface that is imaginary and not really there?

9. What exactly is a closed surface?

8. Why are you always using the word infinitesimal? *

7. What don't I like about the course? -- It's physics! *

6. I don't understand why the textbook makes this so difficult.

5. What do I most like about this class? -- 9:55am. *

4. What questions remain? -- I'll find out when I can't do the homework.

3. Why do I have to take this class?

2. How does the Flux Capacitor work? *

1. How do I get an A in this class?

* indicates a comment from Fall 1997 class.

Last updated Sept. 23, 1997.
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