PHYS208 Fundamentals of Physics II

Results of First Minute Paper - Dislikes:

  1. I don't like how the lab reports are due 24 hours from the experiment.

  2. I think the class moves too fast. It seems like we go from topic to topic. I also think that you should explain some of the notations that you use (symbols and variables). Need more examples. I also think we need more than 24 hours to do our lab reports.

  3. There seem to be parts that you skip in the chapters. I know you said you like to highlight what you feel is important, but it seems like you don't touch on some subjects at all.

  4. Dealing with point charges

  5. Taking notes only to print it out later.

  6. I least like the quizzes on Friday.

  7. No examples given; we seem to get right into the most technical aspects of topics and don't always get the basics down first.

  8. No example problems

  9. I don't like how everything is almost over the web. It makes the class boring and I tend to doze off.

  10. I dislike the textbook very much. Halliday and Resnick is the worst physics book I have ever used.

  11. The book

  12. There is not enough time to check or go over the problems during discussion, especially since recently we have a group quiz during that time. One of the reasons that I did badly on the last quiz was that no time at all was spent on going over problems.

  13. I'm not very happy with the discussion session. I don't like the TA much. I don't like doing group work. And I especially don't like the fact that our entire discussion grade is based on class participation. I also don't like having 24 hours to do and turn in my lab report.

  14. Don't like quizzes

  15. I least like the web-page dicatate lectures, assignments, and classes.

  16. I dislike the amount of class information on the web. It is nice to see examples and answers to homework, but its annoying to have to keep checking to see if there is homework or reading.

  17. I wish that there wer more examples of problems and how to solve them. I wish discussion sessions would focus more on homework problems and how to solve them.

  18. We couldn't pick our groups for recitation.

  19. It seems that sometimes things are thrown up on the board with little explanation or maybe I have trouble following your explanation.

  20. All the irritating unavoidable calculus and how I think I'm comfortable with the material and then get lost on the quiz.

  21. Textbook doesn't flow according to class discussion.

  22. The intensity of the calculus, which I'm not yet comfortable with.

  23. I didn't like how everything (notes, in the beginning) was mechanized and put on the web. It made it difficult for me to follow how things were derived, etc.

  24. Not enough time for the quizzes.

  25. We do not go over enough problems in class of the homework in recitation.

  26. Not enough time allotted to quizzes.

  27. I don't like the integrals.

  28. The subject

  29. The lack of real examples in class, besides jsut relying on discussion once a week.

  30. I do not like being so rushed to take the quizzes in the last few minutes of class. It makes me more nervous and I have a class immediately after to get to. I do not so as well when I am worried about finishing and getting to my next class on time.

  31. Even though I usually understand what's going on in class - when I try to d othe homework (Chps 23, 22, 25) I get completely lost1 In other words - what we do in class and the book seems like two different things.

  32. Nothing in particular; the quizzes are kind of difficult.

  33. The lack of problem solving in recitation.

  34. The material in general

  35. Sometimes it's difficult to learn by just watching the computer.

  36. The material was covered too quickly and examples are not enough.

  37. Discussion class (T.A. in particular)

  38. That labs are due in 24 hours!

  39. More notes on board please! I leran more when writing something down.

  40. There are not enough concrete examples to base homework on -- no way to gauge comprehension.

  41. It's physics!

  42. I also don't like that everything is on the web because it is too tempting to not pay attention in lectrue and fall back on what's on the web.

  43. The thing I like least is that most of the class is on the web.

  44. Not enough nitty gritty stuff. Our look at material is too cursory.
    Solution/suggestion: Choose a problem that is difficult due to a multi-concept unification, i.e. many concepts - one problem, and show methodology used to solve (one problem a week is enough). Don't need to get bogged down in algebra with the problem.

  45. Not enough examples or indications of how our exams will be.

  46. The feature of the course I like the least is that I just don't grasp the concepts of physics overall. In class, when you explain things I completely understand, but then when I go to do problems in the book, I am totally lost.

  47. The TA's reluctance to answer or help out with homework problems. One homework problem per recitation [session] is not enough.

  48. Not enough hard core examples in class. Like working through an example with variables with values. I think that I understand [the] topic in class, then I can't figure out the homework problems that relate.

  49. I really don't like having the notes on the web page. Fro me personally, I don't learn unless I write it down. It keeps me more attentive and also I need the time if takes for the teacher to write things on the board to understand the previous concept. I think everything goes too fast on the web page.

    One other thing is that it would be very helpful to have a written set of answers to the problems we receive for homework/ A lot of the time I get stuck on a problem and your hints and answers on the web really don't help.

  50. Anticipation of what the exam will be like.

  51. I would like to see more problems worked out.

  52. You don't seem to explain what you write on the board very well. You don't do any examples or problems.

  53. I don't like the assignments during the discussion -- I'd rather get to question/answer with the TA.

  54. The group projects take too much time from homework questions.

  55. Electric fields

  56. Been tough getting stuff from the computer.

  57. Need more examples relating to physical situations. Homework problems which reflect exams.

  58. [Not having] the [online] notes finished to have at time of class is a pain.

  59. You teach the course like we've had this stuff in high school, when I didn't

  60. I least like the fact the real examples from the book are not covered in lecture. If we could do a problem every once in a while, it would lead to better understanding.

  61. I don't like the fact that you don't do any example problems in the book!!! You don't show steps of how to get the answer to the homework problems!!! Need to have more visuals in class.

  62. Online notes and group work in discussion instead of problem solving.

  63. Printing out lecture notes. I feel I learn better when I write things down as you do on the board.

  64. The notes on the board are easier to follow than the notes on the web.

  65. This course is very effective with the use of the online notes. They are a good source of information before and after class. The only thing is that they could be more effective if posted before the class i nstead of after. Also answers to the concept checks with explanations would be helpful if posted on the web site. Concept check themselves are very helpful in class.

  66. We need a little more than 24 hours to work on the labs; it's just not enough time. We could also use the answers to the concept checks on the web.

  67. I least like when you're using the computer. I understand more when you write on the board.

  68. Would like to see more problem exampls worked out in class.

  69. Hard to visualize things. Maybe do some actual problems in class.

  70. I don't like the all-computer-based format. I learn a whole heck of a lot more when I see what you are doing (via chalkboard). And by doing more problems on the board I get a better understanding of the material.

    The computer-based stuff makes me a passive learner instead of an active one when you use the board.

  71. I do not like the discussion section. I think more time needs to be spent going over homework problems. Last week we only went over one problem the whole time.

  72. I least like the quizzes being on Friday. Also I think that the quizzes should be on the topic covered during that week, not the week before.

  73. Unsure about specific "need to know" information for exams.

  74. If the class notes are going to be online, I would really [like to] have them before class, so I can write down extra and follow along easier. Since this has not been possible, I do appreciate more notes on the board.

  75. Lab

  76. I think that you skip over too much material in your lectures. Often, the assigned reading covers more concepts than your lectures or your notes. In general, the lectures don't correspond well with the reading. Also, I think that the Internet web page is good, but you use it too much.

  77. I don't like the fact that the lectrue notes are not put online before class. It would be nice to bring the notes to class and write extras in the margin.

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