PHYS208 Fundamentals of Physics II

Results of First Minute Paper - Likes:

  1. I really like the web page.

  2. I like having notes available on the computer.

  3. I like the fact that the course is online, hence making more demonstrations possible... It's easier to study in my room that way.

  4. Circuit analysis

  5. 9:55 am

  6. I most like the online notes available. The notes help me understand the concepts easier.

  7. I like the online format of the class.

  8. How the notes are online, concept checks.

  9. I like the concept checks because they help to understand the topic being discussed.

  10. I like that the course notes are available online.

  11. Having access to lecture notes on the computer.

  12. Explanation of the course material is very clear.

  13. I like the fact that the class notes are on the Internet (usually).

  14. I like the course notes on the web.

  15. I like the subject material we're studying - electronic processes.

  16. I like the fact that you are always free by e-mail or the web page to answer questions and receive advice about the class format.

  17. I like having your class notes readily available to me.

  18. Notes on the Internet

  19. I like having the course notes on the web.

  20. Presentation and online materials

  21. I like the pace of the class; online and visual demos are really good for understanding; like working in groups for projects; lab TA is very helpful and recitation TA is very good.

  22. Very interesting, conceptually challenging

  23. I like the concept checks during the class. It's a good way for me to test myself. It also forces me to pay attention.

  24. Concept Checks

  25. That the notes are online.

  26. Material is interesting.

  27. I like the web page and being able to get all of the course notes for free. I mean, it's expensive to buy all that stuff. My course notes for PHYS207 cost almost $25. And for Sociology two semesters ago, I paid $40!!! for a course packet that I opened only once. And it wasn't even bound! It was jsut a stack of 8.5" x 11" paper with holes punched in it! For that kind of money, I expect the leather-bound edition with the author's signature. What does a Mechanical Engineer need with sociology, anyway? I hate to take notes in class, too, because I'm left-handed and the ink smears and the side of my hand turns all black. Oh well, Thanks for listening.

  28. The online organization

  29. The organization of notes, assignments, etc. [on] web page is good. Hints and answers.

  30. Theory is combined with examples in class with the concept check.

  31. The online notes, hints, and answers.

  32. Able to get notes online, no homework due.

  33. The hints to the homework problems; they give me enough info to work the problems myself.

  34. The way the class is presented, I believe it is helpful.

  35. Availability of notes on the web after class

  36. Concept check

  37. Course notes online

  38. I like how you actually talk to us and try to help us to understand rather than only lecturing.

  39. Easy to access information. It's very easy to take a class with so much info about the class available online.
    Very knowledgable on course material.

  40. I like how PHYS208 has linked all my classes together, i.e. MATH243, ELEG205.

  41. It's better than PHYS207, no need to memorize equations.

  42. I like the class notes, homework, and help is always available over the web.

  43. The feature of the class I like the most is the enthusiasm of the professor and TAs.

  44. It's nice to have info on web because sometimes things slip by you (the student) in class.

  45. Computer format

  46. The feature of the course I like the most is the online teaching. Having the class online gives students that whole other resource to use for understanding.

  47. Your explanations of concepts and your less intensive calculus applications.Your real world instead of over-theoretical attitude.

  48. The PHYS208 web page is helpful.

  49. I like the web page on the net the most. It's really helpful to us to be able to know our assignments all the time.

  50. Concept Check and Quizzes

  51. That the questions are anwered online; I do like the online system for the class.

  52. The teacher

  53. I like that the lecture notes are posted on the web, so we have access to them.

  54. I like being able to access the course over the Internet.

  55. The class info available on the network.

  56. I most like the fact that the problems you assign are based on your lectures, not on the readings. This focuses a lot of inofrmation into what it is we most need to know. hopefully the assigned problems are a good representation of the material we need for the exam, and the depth to which we need to know it.

  57. concept checks are great - they help to better understand the material given. Clarifies the information.

  58. I like the notes on the net. They are easy to get and explain the concepts well.

  59. I like the way you (Dr. Watson) make yourself available to the students.

  60. I most like the fact the notes are easily available on the Internet.

  61. The fact that the class notes are available on the Internet for student access.

  62. The style of teaching

  63. You know what you're talking about, and I enjoy listening to you.

  64. I like the concept checks.

  65. This course is very effective with the use of the online notes. They are a good source of information before and after class. The only thing is that they could be more effective if posted before the class instead of after. Also answers to the concept checks with explanations would be helpful if posted on the web site. Concept check themselves are very helpful in class.

  66. I really like having all the course material on the web. Serves for very easy access to lots of informtation, and I appreciate how quick you are with replying to e-mails. I wish the class notes could be up before class, buts it's very understandable that they're not, adn I also appreacite the details on the web and the very impressive way they're presented. It really helps a lot when we go back to look over everything.

  67. ...

  68. Like your accessibility online and off, and your willingness to answer questions. Like having everything online.

  69. The circuits

  70. Lab is pretty cool. Group work in the discussion session was really helpful, and fun.

  71. I like the fact that you can go to the Internet anytime and get course questions answered.

  72. I like all the course notes being on the web. It makes it really easy to access.

  73. [I] like the use of the Internet for class notes and homework help. Good for Identifying "big picture" concepts.

  74. The professor explaines topics clearly and he is easy to understand. I also like the recitation section where we can go over specific problems.

  75. The class web pages / your lecture style.

  76. I like the use of the Internet. It's good to have the homework solutions and hints on the web; it's helpful.

  77. Course material is more interesting than PHYS207. I like the interactive website features. The shorter homework assignmennts allow time for me to analyze each problem more carefully and effectively.

Last updated Sept. 23, 1997.
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