PHYS208 Fundamentals of Physics II

A Few Comments on the Projected Grades

On Nov. 25 you should have received an e-mail message detailing your projected grade for PHYS208. Each exam in this course contributes 20 points toward your overall grade; the two midterm exams were averaged and used as the projected final exam score for a total of 60 possible points.

The laboratory score was projected by dropping the lowest score from the first 7 lab scores and projecting the result based on a total of 20 points, the average projected score for lab was 17.7; 1.3 was added to Bjoern's sections to bring all scores to a common average.

The recitation instructors have constructed a 10 point score based on group work, attendance, and participation. The average score was 7.9; 0.6 was added to Janucz's sections to bring all scores to a common average.

Quiz scores were projected by considering the best 6 of 8 quiz scores available and scaling to a basis of 10 points. The average was 5.4; the students of each of the recitation instructors had identical quiz (as well as exam) averages. There would have been to reason to adjust these scores, but it is interesting that there was not even the slighest difference in exam/quiz averages between the two "groups".

After all aspects of the course grade were accumulated, the following scale was applied to convert to a letter grade:

85:A  80:A- 75:B+  70:B  65:B-  60:C+  55:C  50:C-  45:D+  40:D

So how can your grade be improved at this point?

And please remember that grades are not everything! Regardless of the final grade that you receive in PHYS208, I hope that you were able to achieve some of our learning objectives and develop some skill in applying physical concepts and analysis that should be relevant to your future science and engineering practice.

Good luck on the final exam...

Last updated Nov. 26, 1997.
Copyright George Watson, Univ. of Delaware, 1997.