PHYS208 PHYS208 Fall 1997 Student Evaluation Comments

In no particular order...
  1. I enjoyed his lectures which were not only really informative, but also very interesting.

  2. His method of teaching was very good and effective. I hope that next time he will try doing some examples because for a student like me examples make me learn the information more than notes and trying some homework.

  3. The instructor had a very good background in this class. Although he thoroughly explained ideas, I felt the information was rushed.

  4. Explained things well, could have done more problems.

  5. Was excited about his teaching and subject matter which aided learning. Intelligent and tried to connect things to life. An extremely difficult course though.

  6. Test questions that were more closely related to the homework would be good. The class web page was great - it helped a lot.

  7. Web pages for course made studying, homework easier.

  8. Dr. Watson [was a] very competent professor. Class was well taught.

  9. Prof. Watson was one of the best professors Ive had in college. His love for the subject of physics made an otherwise uninteresting subject enjoyable. He was always there for each student to the point of learning our names.

  10. Dr. Watson's tests were a good test of our knowledge and he prepared us well for the exams with his review session. The online idea was good for homework, assignments, and announcements, but I didn't like having the notes on the computer and just being taught by them.

  11. One of my better teachers. Used a variety of methods to teach the course which helped enforce learning.

  12. I liked how the notes were on the web.

  13. Good explanations of basic concepts. Needed to add explanations of harder problems like would be on the test.

  14. I think I learned a lot and Dr. Watson inspired interest in the subject. He was always available outside of class and wanted to make sure we understood things, not just get the right answer.

  15. Good instructor with lots of energy. I did not want to take the class, but it was better than expected although still challenging.

  16. Dr. Watson was cool. He was a very interesting teacher. I liked how be used demos to show the principles. However, example problems done in class would have been beneficial.

  17. Dr. Watson was above all else, a very interesting and lively teacher. He kept everyone's interest, had lively demos, and made the subject material come alive. Love the computer approach, need more of that. One of the best professors I have ever had.

  18. One of the best instructors of Physics. Puts Dr. Xyz to shame. He is fair and I love his humor; Physics wouldn't be fun with Watson. It is nice to see a man who works as hard as the dedicated students. Exams are fair and easy if you just pay attention in class, you don't need the book - Watson = A+.

  19. Watson was a very good instructor. I liked his organization (i.e. his web site and class notes). HE has really spent a lot of time preparing for lecture and is a hard worker. Overall I would recommend for future students.

  20. At times taught course like Math243 was a prerequisite instead of corequisite. Didn't always clearly show relationship between concepts and applications.

  21. Great professor. Really tried to make class fun and worthwhile. Put across love for subject well. Experiments in front of class were very helpful. Could have spent less time on derivations and done a few more example problems in class.

  22. Office hours always extremely helpful. Class could have a little more direct organization (lectures seemed to be a little rambling, but explanations were always precise and accurate). Fun class to be in I actually learned some things.

  23. Very enthusiastic and helpful in teaching some very tricky concepts. Expended much time on this course and students.

  24. I enjoyed how this class was on the Internet. Any time I had a question about anything I could just go to the class page and look it up. I think this class should be 5 credits instead of 4!

  25. He made the course fund and used effective demos to illustrate key concepts. I would suggest a lecture style that is more key concept focuses and do more examples in class. This way learning the concepts is clearer if you know how to apply them to problems.

  26. Did an excellent job explaining. Showed a true interest in teaching the material, not just informing us of the material as some professors do. Pretty cool guy.

  27. His lectures were taught more on a practical level, adapting theory to things we would use in real life. His use of online resources was a plus for this semester and will probably be an even better resource as more material and hints for homework problems are added to the website.

  28. Although I don't understand everything in this class, I liked how Professor Watson taught. I think the stuff on the Internet is a good resource and might have worked out if more students were more used to it, since we are so used to the chalk board.

  29. This class was well taught and I really learned a lot. I think that in addition to concepts, some examples (more) should have been at least set up during the class.

  30. Dr. Watson's use of web-based resources added a great deal to this course. While I was sometimes confused from lecture material, the concept checks and demonstrations helped provide a better understanding. Dr. Watson seems prepared well for every class and overall is a good instructor.

  31. Overall he is an excellent instructor who is very imaginative and put a lot of time into the class.

  32. The material was very hard in the course and I felt very rushed throughout the semester. I learned more material on my own that I did in class or discussion. Dr. Watson was always available for help outside of class which was appreciated.

  33. I felt that at the beginning of the semester Professor Watson presented the material in a way that was confusing. His overuse of the course web page made it difficult to follow along in class. Also, he wasn't always prepared. However, by the end of the semester he did more teaching on the board, this was much better. I also felt that his exams were very difficult to prepare for. They were nothing like the HW problems. In general I didn't think that the homework helped me to learn the material.

  34. Did a lot to make the lectures more interesting.

  35. It was a little bit confusing skipping sections in the book. It was really good going on the Internet to get help. You started out on the computer strictly and finished on the board. You don't have to do everything students want you to do. It is nice for the students, but if you think you can teach it better, then do it. Keep up the infinitesimal charge!

  36. Prof. Watson was excellent this semester in teaching 208. His discussion of the material was relatively easy to understand, and he was always available for extra help. The online help was useful during the year. I definitely developed a deep understanding of very difficult material.

  37. Need to show more examples to do in stuff learned. Made physics interesting some days. Too much unrelated stuff is shown making more confusion. Took students' opinions well though in changing class format. Web page was good for help but not to teach.

  38. Very interesting teacher. Taught subject matter well. Enjoyed experiments. Exams OK.

  39. I really enjoyed taking this class. The instructor made the content of the course very interesting and exciting. I enjoyed coming to class. It was not a lecture, it was more like an interactive discussion and display. I would however make the tests either more lile the homework of a little easier. I found them very frustrating even after doing all the homework problems. All in all I enjoyed it.

  40. Dr. Watson was very prepared for class, and it was evident that he spent a lot of time preparing. His web page is impressive.

  41. Professor Watson was always open to suggestion and had students' best interests at heart. His energy and unique approach in class was greatly appreciated as well as his ability to be reached for outside help.

  42. The course information online was helpful. He structured the course around what we wanted which was good. His lectures were not the ??? as to what was on the exam.

  43. I love the web page, however having to learn on the exams was rough. Great job!!! I loved coming to class because of all the extras that made it fun (4 pi r2)

  44. Nice job. This class was much better than 207. He should teach that also. The reason the grades are so low is because a lot of the students taking this course really have no need for the material.

  45. Dr. Watson is excellent. He is very enthusiastic about the topic, and has a good rapport with the students. I had Dr. Xyzxyz last semester for 207H, and he wasn't very good. Dr. Watson should teach the Honors section, he is that good. He teaches the application of the material, and most students in this section don't care about application. Seriously consider Dr. Watson for the Honors section of 207 and 208.

  46. Dr. Watson is a teacher with a lot of enthusiasm. He often brought in experiments to do in class that really helps me enjoy and get involved in the course material. In the beginning of this semester he was so enthusiastic about the class, he put up all of our notes up on his web site which must have taken hours of time. I thought this effort was not effective in my learning. Later in the semester, he realized more people thought this way and so he cut back on it. This just shows how responsive he is toward his student. Overall he is a great teacher.

  47. Professor Watson was very willing to help his students if we went to his office hours. Although his tests were a little challenging, he was pretty fair. He had a good sense of humor which lightened the heavy physics load. In general I don't really enjoy electricity and magnetism!

  48. He was a very good teacher, however he seemed to focus more on the derivation of a formula than how to actually use that formula. Just because you know where something comes from doesn't mean you know how to use it! Still, he's a very charming and helpful professor.

  49. Gave interesting and helpful lectures though his explanations were not always clear. He was always willing to help someone with a problem both in class and in his office. His course web page was extremely well developed and helpful. Overall, a good teacher.

  50. I must admit I was dreading this class at the start of the semester, but Prof. Watson made everything very interesting. I laughed more in his class than any other, and he really got my attention.

  51. Succeeded in holding interest throughout lectures. You can tell he enjoys teaching this course.

  52. I think Dr. Watson was an excellent teacher. I transferred from the honors section to this one because all my friends said he was a really good teacher and I agree. I liked how the notes were on the Internet and I thing the concept checks were exceptional in helping me understand on a daily basis. His tests were difficult but fair. Overall I would consider this class a positive experience.

  53. Dr. Watson did an outstanding job teaching this course. He showed a great deal of care and desire to see his students succeed. He often times went out of his way to make the learning process easier. At all times he was very fair in grading and expectations. Dr. Watson has put a great deal of time into this course and it shows very clearly. The web site made gaining access to required materials much easier. Truly a much better course than 207. Outstanding professor. Perhaps the best I have had for any subject.

  54. The Prof. did a good job of explaining the difficulty of test compared to the H.W. The review session and the extra help of the T.A. was the best help in doing as well as I think I am doing in this class. Your up- beat attitude was also refreshing when things became difficult and/or tiresome.

  55. I feel as if I learned or gained nothing by coming to lecture. It was boring and I had to fight to stay awake in almost every session. More times than not the material was not explained clearly. The only good thing to say about the course was it was good to have explanations to homework online.

  56. He is a cool dude. I like the class but not the topics. One advice is to make sure that the homeworks are collected. I didn't do most of them before the discussion and I only studied for the exams. My grade will be higher than what I am getting now, a B. And don't use anymore your laptop. I hated it.

  57. I enjoyed his office hours they were very helpful and probably the main reason I got through the course. The lectures were a little confusing and sometimes too confusing to understand. Would be helpful if we went over more example problems. Examples help me personally the most so I can see direct relation to the formulas and its application. Sometime I have the formula and have no idea how to use it.

  58. Professor Watson is an excellent teacher. His dedication towards the course and the students of this course is overwhelming. He always makes time if he can for extra office hours and is always ready to help. He is most approachable and most helpful. Professor Watson is the most dedicated and helpful science professor I have had on this campus. Kudos and thank you. Good luck.

  59. More explanations on abstract parts of course. More down to earth examples would be good.

  60. Dr. Watson had a good time in class. By joking and laughing he lightened up what would have been an extremely heavy subject. I just wish I had been more interested in the subject matter because I loved the professor.

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